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who we are & why we do what we do.


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Picture being at the fair and seeing one of the most beautiful concession trailers that was lit top to bottom with lights that showed off the best graphics you've ever seen. For 50 years, we were known as Hitch-Hiker Manufacturing. We pursued, developed, and created solutions for those who presented themselves in the Amusement Industry. We truly made a product that stopped a crowd and we worked hard to stay the best in our industry, which is bold to say but true.


After the pandemic of 2020 struck, everything changed. It was a new environment that we had to adapt to in order to continue to maintain what we've built. This was a problem that effected everyone, so we made a solution. Jeff and Holly Swartz had shifted their focus to pursue and create A Healthy Humanity®. We are now making more jobs, providing more safety, and producing more solutions...

We made it happen, so you can keep making it happen.



Innovated in order to cater to large scale gatherings of all people for the purpose of keeping them safe and certain in their wellbeing. Our concept was formed from 50 years of knowledge and invested into so that the end result would offer an impacting solution. Your confidence, your health, and your future are things that we want to invest in. A society that is united is a society worth fighting for.  With that being said... Wash Your Freak-n hands... because the world is better with someone like you in it.

Our Motivation Is You
Made With Integrity



Our arrangement of products are built with pride from everyone on our team. Raw materials are domestically sourced so that this is truly an American Made product. We don't cut corners, we don't mess around. With our team working hard, we are making solutions everyday so that you get your guests the best and most attractive opportunity for their wellbeing as well as your own!

Our Mission


Our mission is to produce and supply professional, attractive, high volume, multi-use, sanitary hand washing stations that also provide a SAFE Personal Protected environment utilizing social distancing barriers that separate one user from another. Developed and designed to generate confidence for your guests, students, attendees, fans and friends; providing them with the health benefit of safe hand washing.  Designed for service to public areas of any large gatherings, for the better wellbeing of everyone.

We know that your guests, students, attendees, fans and friends are your number one priority.  Ours too!


Personal Protected's® patent pending design provides an attractive solution to your challenge of promoting high volume public hand washing stations as well as providing personal protection of social distancing from others.  Our Quad-Sink® will instill confidence in your guests at any gathering place.


The world is a better place when people come together. Promoting personal safety, and providing protection to our communities. With heavy consideration to health and safety, Personal Protected®  has conceptualized and developed our Quad-Sink® to bring you the best option to bring back safer gatherings.

We are here to supply communities, concerts, colleges, stadiums, fairs, and so much more with ready-to-use hand washing stations to maintain confidence, safety,and the health among all of their guests.

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