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  • Jessica Coggins

Quad-Sink® Celebrating Three Years of Helping the Industry

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

For Immediate Release

CONTACT: Jessica Coggins

Marketing Director

(330) 542-9752

March 21, 2023

Origin Story

Picture being at the fair and seeing one of the most beautiful concession trailers lit top to bottom with lights that showed off the best graphics you’ve ever seen. For over 50 years, we continue to be the well-known name of Hitch-Hiker Manufacturing. We pursued, developed, and created solutions for those who presented themselves in the Amusement Industry. We truly made a product that stopped a crowd and worked hard to stay number one as the industry leader, which is bold to say but true.

After the pandemic of 2020 struck, everything changed. It was a new environment that we had to adapt to in order to continue to maintain what we've built in our legacy company, Hitch-Hiker Mfg. This was a problem that effected everyone, so we made a solution. Jeff and Holly Swartz had shifted their focus to pursue and create A Healthy Humanity®. We are now making more jobs, providing more safety, and producing more solutions...

We made it happen, so you can keep making it happen.

What We Are

The Quad-Sink® is a single touchless hand washing unit with 4 individual stations designated with barriers to provide social distance between users. It is capable of 720 hand washes every hour and 6,000 hand washes until needing any maintaining. It is an IMMEDIATE public health solution for your facility, especially when compared to costly, disruptive, and time-consuming renovations. This product is built to last, is mobile and attractive, and provides easy access to better health hygiene and healthy habits.

Our Celebration and Gratitude

Personal Protected is celebrating three years of producing health solutions that surpassed the urgent need of communities and businesses during the pandemic and translated into the need of everyone in day-to-day life today. We celebrate all lives affected by the simple act of washing your hands and take hope in knowing that when people are faced with easy access hand washing, they lean on good judgment and take part in healthy habits. We have had three years of encouraging testimonies and look forward to continuing to make our impact on A Healthy Humanity®.

We would also like to express our gratitude. We are incredibly thankful for the people who have supported our company from the beginning locally, such as former Ohio State football Coach and YSU President Jim Tressel (pictured above) and his accomplished wife, Ellen Tressel; in the US like early adopters at the Oklahoma Expo, and to our international clients in Germany and Poland. We are also grateful for receiving our Federal Trademarks on A Healthy Humanity® and Wash Your Freak-N Hands® along with several Federal patents for our design. It gave us great joy to see that we were making something worth pursuing and still have our value and quality remain unmatched in our products.

Truly, the amount of pride and admiration we have for our outdoor amusement industry remains to grow as we see and hear of the hard work and dedication that shined through tough times. So, in honor of all the businesses and venues, we are celebrating those who persevered and made a way when they, like us, knew there was no option to quit. For Personal Protected, it started with being a solution for the need for high-volume hand washing for people’s well-being. Today this still remains our focus, so we are honored to celebrate our community as we celebrate our three years.

Our arrangement of products are built with pride from everyone on our team. Raw materials are domestically sourced so that this is truly an American Made product. We don't cut corners, we don't mess around. With our team working hard, we are making solutions everyday so that you get your guests the best and most attractive opportunity for their wellbeing as well as your own!

Our mission is to produce and supply professional, attractive, high volume, multi-use, sanitary hand washing stations that also provide a SAFE Personal Protected environment utilizing social distancing barriers that separate one user from another. Developed and designed to generate confidence for your guests, students, attendees, fans and friends; providing them with the health benefit of safe hand washing. Designed for service to public areas of any large gatherings, for the better wellbeing of everyone.


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