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Quad-Sinks® Cleaning Up Guests Experiences At Big Venues!🦠🦠🧼🧼🫧🫧🙌

Updated: May 1, 2023

For Immediate Release

CONTACT: Jessica Coggins

Marketing Director

(330) 542-9752

May 1, 2023

Since the Personal Protected company’s inception in 2020, midways and entertainment venues that have the Quad-Sinks have been able to make hand washing accessible to the masses. The easy access helps to reduce health related liability, increase brand awareness and accommodate more guest’s hand-washing for an enhanced guest experience.

In The Know with the Quad-Sink

The Quad-Sink® is a mobile, touch-less hand washing unit with 4 individual stations designed to provide personal space between users in a compact footprint. It is capable of 720 individual hand washes every hour and 6,000 hand washes before needing to refill the consumables. It is an IMMEDIATE public health solution for venues, especially when compared to costly, disruptive, and time-consuming renovations or additional construction of facilities. This product is built to last, is mobile and attractive, and provides easy access to better health hygiene and healthy habits.

The Quad-Sink® was created and produced by Personal Protected, a sister company of Hitch-Hiker Mfg., North America’s premier builder of custom food concession trailers for the high-volume amusement industry. Utilizing the 54 years of experience building food trailers that are for the highest volume venues, Hitch-Hiker Mfg. took that knowledge and filled a need for the recent year’s changes in hand hygiene awareness with its Personal Protected division and the innovative hand washing station that is eye-catching in design and utilization.

Quad-Sinks are being utilized by large independent concessionaires like Solem Concessions with their “food court” style set up. Also, fair grounds such as The Oklahoma Expo have 10 Quad-Sinks throughout the various events and fair for their guests. The Eastern Expositions or “The Big E” will be receiving Quad-Sinks by early summer and is eager for them to debut at their 2023 Fair.

The Quad-Sink was developed to generate confidence for your guests, attendees, fans, and friends, providing them with the health benefit of safe hand washing. Designed for service to public areas of any large gatherings for the enhanced well-being of everyone. Monetarily, there is a ROI component with the optional Advertising Marquee that gives high profile space for sponsors and advertisers along with the benefit of association with public health and well-being.


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