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Introducing a New Product: Enhance the User Experience.

Our Personal Protected Hand Wash-N Station™ continues to expand its product offerings; making it the most effective and attractive solution to supply to your customers and you. After having made the best solution, we are now proud to share that we've made it better.


Tackle High Volume with a Low Profile

We are introducing the *NEW* Low-Profile Model to the product line. This unit has a wider range in deployability and mobility with a more accessible height to accommodate for standard entrance or exit way as well as maintaining its attractive appearance.

This unit is perfect for any school that wants to provide the best safety accommodations outdoors or indoors for students and families at football games, basketball games, school events, or for day to day security for students and staff.

Columbiana School District was one of the first to accommodate to their outdoor and indoor school settings through a Hand Wash-N Station Low-Profile Model, featuring Turf Tires. This Low-Profile Station will make moving the unit easier than ever, especially to get it where it is needed the most.

Its the Small Things in Life that Matter

We are introducing the*NEW* Kids Model to the product line. We understand that being a kid means constantly being introduced to new things and even developing good hygiene habits. We hope that today's youth can become the Healthy Humanity that we envision in our future.

This Hand Wash-N Station™ Model is meant to accommodate younger crowds so that they have the same opportunity and influence to maintain their own health as well as all other children and adults around them. The unit is lower to the ground in respect to the height of the sink, the paper towel dispenser and soap dispenser while keeping the same welcoming appearance. The Hand Wash-N Station™ Kid Model is built upon request of the customer.


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