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Senator Matt Dolan Tours Personal Protected

Updated: Jul 19, 2021



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Holly Swartz, 330-542-9752

Senator Matt Dolan Tours Personal Protected

NEW MIDDLETOWN, OH, July 14, 2021 – The team at Personal Protected and company owners, Jeff and Holly Swartz, welcomed Sen. Matt Dolan and his crew as they toured the "Home of the Quad-Sink."

Senator Dolan represents portions of Cuyahoga County and has a background in the private and public sector, which is extensive as well as diverse. He chairs the senate finance committee, which oversees the state's operating budget, and works diligently to ensure wise stewardship of taxpayer dollars and responsible investments in the priorities of Ohioans.

During his visit to Personal Protected, Jeff and Holly Swartz greeted Sen. Dolan and his staff, Sarah Totedo and Chris Pack. Everyone had the opportunity to observe the company's new marketing tools that included a brief video powerpoint that gets to the heart of the public hygiene needs and the Quad-Sink solution. The visit continued with Jeff and Holly walking the Senator and staff down a visual timeline of the great heritage and history the company has had in their manufacturing of their US made products. Senator Dolan was able to experience seeing the Quad-Sink and demonstrating the ease of use with Holly Swartz, VP of Personal Protected.

“Having Senator Dolan visit our facility was a pleasure, and sharing our innovations and story was a great opportunity,” said Holly. “He definitely left here with a better understanding of our product and goals as well as some really clean hands!”

The facility tour rounded off Senator Dolans visit as he heard stories about the foundation of Personal Protected and how it originated from Hitch-Hiker Mfg. Mr. Swartz shared how his years of expertise in building for the high volume outdoor amusement industry in North America made creating the Quad-Sink as a solution to a need. Senator Dolan was able to experience first hand how the Quad-Sink worked.

Matt Dolan later shared in his thoughts on Personal Protected in his #OhioMatters tour briefing. He stated, “As a result of the pandemic, Holly & Jeff turned their concession trailer company, Hitch-Hiker, into a new venture called Personal Protected — producing high volume hand washing stations. That’s the kind of innovation Ohio is known for!”


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