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Unfortunately, What Happens in Vegas Doesn't Always Stay in Vegas...

Join us for a #QSS... aka a Quad-Sink Scenario...


Quad-Sink Scenario

You've worked hard and it is time for a break, so you book a well deserved trip to Vegas. It's all fabulous; you have fun going to shows and playing the slots, but you forget to do one crucial thing... wash your hands. Sounds silly, but then you remember that Vegas sees an average of 42.5 MILLION visitors a year and only about 5% of people wash their hands correctly... so now you are touching handle bars, money and poker chips that 80 million icky hands have touched... But then you see it, the glorious and attractive Quad-Sink smack dab in the middle of the Casino (and no we are not overselling it, it really is that awesome). You wash your hands and avoid bringing home those germs so you can focus on bringing home the bacon 😎

Yes, Vegas Would Benefit from a Quad-Sink

As previously mentioned, Vegas see's between 30-40 MILLION visitors a year and statistically only about 5% of those people have clean hands. Considering the quality of experience guests receive as well as considering their wellbeing, The Quad-Sink is a no brainer solution. According to the Southern Nevada Health District, they relay the same message as the CDC which is "Proper hand washing is the most effective way to prevent the spread of infectious diseases."

Quad-Sink Solution

Protect yourself from germs that cause illness and disease by washing your hands with the #QuadSink.

The Quad-Sink is an immediate solution with outstanding capabilities. It is a mobile solution, so it goes where you need it most and can be moved when necessary. The cost of implementation is exactly $0.00 (nothing, zip, nada) thanks to our easy hook up system that requires no renovations that are major inconveniences to guests and staff. With four stations in one unit it can serve 6,000 people unattended and 720 individuals safely every hour. With the custom branding and marquee option, there is no limit to this sink as it offers revenue generating opportunities and a new marketing method for your business!

The Quad-Sink is meant to be front and center and seen by the masses so that it can be used as a benefit for the people. Personal Protected knows that it is people that drive success and it is people that are our biggest most precious assets in life, so let's take the next step towards a better future with a healthy humanity.

The Personal Protected Missions

Our mission is to produce and supply professional, attractive, high volume, multi-use, sanitary hand washing stations that also provide a SAFE Personal Protected environment utilizing social distancing barriers that separate one user from another. Developed and designed to generate confidence for your guests, students, attendees, fans and friends; providing them with the health benefit of safe hand washing. Designed for service to public areas of any large gatherings, for the better wellbeing of everyone.

We know that your guests, students, attendees, fans and friends are your number one priority. Ours too!

How You Can Make an Impact

Hey there, aside from remembering to wash your hands, you can actually make an impact in your community by sharing this information with your local officials or, heck, even sending out an email to directly. Copy and paste this message and send it to a business you think would benefit:

Subject: Check out this solution for your business!

Hey there,

I’m writing to share this *really cool* article about the Quad-Sink. It's an affordable solution for large venues, schools, conventions, stadiums, festivals, and more. Check out the link below on how it can promote wellbeing for your community.


From someone who wants to make an impact

Thanks for reading!

- Personal Protected Team




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